Types Of Online Bingo

Online bingo opens your world up to a wide range of possibilities. There are plenty of different variants, all with their own benefits and winning chances. These variations help keep online bingo fun and fresh. Below, we look at the most popular types of games available for online bingo fans and what each could offer your gaming style.

75 Ball Online Bingo

Bingo online offers exciting opportunities for players. One popular variant is 75 ball, where each ticket has a grid of 25 squares. The squares run across 5 rows and columns. When you play bingo in a 75 ball room, you have the chance to win a total of 5 prizes, one for each extra line. In this game, the first line may be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. But all the following lines are horizontal.

90 Ball Bingo Online

For avid bingo online players, 90 ball is one of the most popular variants. These tickets have 9 columns and 3 rows, and each row has 5 numbers. You can win 3 prizes in each game in the form of a 1 or 2 line prize and a full house. If you’re getting to grips with how to play online bingo, this is a great variant to start with.

Play Bingo Online and Win

Online bingo offers a world of ways to play your favourite game and win – without leaving home. You get access to a range of bingo rooms with different themes and thrills. From 75 ball to 90 ball, there’s something for all players. Check out our top list of online bingo sites to find the perfect one for you.