The best of all bingo sites

There are hundreds of games and bingo sites to choose from, and the number of sites are staggering and continue to grow everyday. If you are a new bingo player trying to find an online casino to play at, this guide for you. Our job is to review and preview all sites and does the hard work for you in finding the best and most trustworthy sites for new players.

Bingo is referred to as a speciality game, it continues to grow and attract new players in the UK and is even now gaining international popularity because of the expansion of online casinos, there are more casinos that are including bingo games on their online portfolios. As a service, we offer exclusive bingo game reviews and information on these online bingo sites. The reviews are written to help any player, novice or experienced, to navigate the vast waters of bingo sites.

Know Your Bingo Game

Knowing the type of games and where they can be found is critical and crucial information that should feature on any bingo site. Bingo games come in 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball. 75 ball is most popular in America, the latter are referred to as British and Australian bingo. The 80 ball bingo, is harder to find, there are other versions of bingo like 50 ball and 30 ball. It is important to read reviews and details of the games before signing up.

The goal in the game of bingo for a player is to cover 5 squares, horizontally, vertically and diagonally. A player scores when the numbers that are marked on the scorecard create a pattern. Online bingo games are really easy to play and understand for any player – novice or experienced even while playing with multiple scorecards. Bingo games offer the player so many options with features such as multiple scorecards per game, that allows players to double or triple the number of scorecards that can be played at a time.

Summary of UK Bingo Sites.

The main aim of playing any online bingo e is to have fun and in the process maybe win some great cash prices. Online bingo offers new and veteran players just that. This is one of the easiest games to play and understand. It comes in more than three versions depending on the country of origin with 75 ball bingo being the most popular. This game is offered in many online sites around the globe.