Best Online Bingo Sites

Just as there are hundreds of games, there are also hundreds of bingo sites, all trying to outdo each other. Because of the broad selection of sites to choose from, it is easy to get a bit confused when picking a site to play at. In addition, we can see several new bingo sites being launched every month. This is where our aim is to help you. We do it by reviewing and assessing the credentials, promotion packages, and general customer site quality and then subsequently coming up with a list of the best online bingo sites for the moment. All sites that we promote have been carefully selected where we have verified anything from license to proper terms and conditions for the bingo bonuses.

After being reviews, each site listed has an eye catching, alluring, and lucrative package that sets you up for impressive returns and potential wins.To save you time, we do the necessary research, providing a stellar review while categorising the sites according to their attributes. For instance, some might gift the newly registered players a no deposit bonus, while others allow for free play games before real money wagering. Here, any site, whether it is a free bingo opportunity, or just a new one just recently launched, is reviewed to reveal how much it has to gift its players. If the site aligns with our standards, we publish it in our top lists.

Bingo welcome offers

While registering to a bingo site, keep in mind there are factors to consider, mainly, what games they offer and the overall nature of their promotion package with corresponding bingo bonus. Lately, the transition from land based bingo halls has altered the mode of online gaming, globally. This has made it easy for players to move from one brand to another, albeit over the internet, thus giving rise to competitive welcome offers for new members.  The accompanying welcome bonuses are a huge influence in the registration process. Some sites offer their bonuses accompanied with free tries on selected bingo games even before making a deposit. Finding sites where you can play bingo for free can be a bit time consuming, especially since the terms and conditions can be a bit difficult to understand. Hence, we recommend to take a look at our list of free bingo sites where we have listed serval brands where you can claim no deposit bonuses.

When signing up for a bingo site, players are often required to register a bingo chat name, a common trend throughout the UK. As previously mentioned, most players prefer the live bingo version, and as such, a chat name is a way of accessing this feature, as well as communicating with other players, because it is considered a social game.

Play bingo for free

There is a soaring demand for free bonus bingo sites. Let us face it, most, if not all players want to make real money without running through a sizeable chunk of their fortune. Hence, the no deposit bonus feature is a fast rising trend, and we want to ensure that you not only understand it but also find the best sites that give their players this option.

When reviewing bingo sites, we pay attention to the bonuses terms and conditions, making sure that any special conditions such as wagering requirements are duly highlighted in advance. Another example is that some promotion packages require a bonus code for activation. If you wonder regarding selected bingo operators, we recommend you to take a look in the review for the specific brand.

Bingo games

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Playing bingo online vs in a traditional bingo hall is not that different. At any online bingo site, you will most likely find the traditional 90 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo. When playing online, you buy your tickets for the selected bingo room and start playing just like normal. As always, we recommend to try finding a bingo site that hands out bonuses to increase your chances of winning. Beneath is descriptions of how to play and how to win for the two most popular bingo games in the UK.

How to play 90-ball bingo

If playing 90 ball bingo, which still is the most common bingo game, balls between 1-90 are drawn and called out where you will find number 1-9 in the first column, 10-19 in the second and so on until you find the numbers 80-90 in the last ninth column. How to win 90 ball bingo is easy. At first, be the first player to cover all the numbers on any single row on the ticket. Then, make sure to be the one to cover two rows on the same ticket and then, cover three rows (the full ticket) when playing.

How to play 75-ball bingo

The 75-ball bingo is surprisingly not played with 75 balls where your ticket is a 5×5 matrix with predefined numbers including a free space in cell 3:3. BINGO is often written above the ticket where selected numbers corresponds to a letter according to following:

B (1-15) I (16-30) N (31-45) G (46-60) O (61-75)

You win 75-ball bingo by being the first player to fill a already selected pattern where the payouts and difficulty can vary depending on what pattern the bingo host has chosen.