Bingo Tournaments at Unibet

That classic bingo fun you know, and love comes in an array of forms at Unibet, where players can enjoy the easy to use the well-designed platform. Unibet is quickly growing to become one of the most prominent online bingo sites in Europe. There are various types of bingo on offer which include 75-ball bingo, 90-ball bingo and pattern bingo in 6 different online bingo rooms.

You might probably not be as familiar to online bingo tournaments as you are to online poker tournaments, but the former is still incredibly popular nonetheless. At Unibet, anyone who takes part can play online bingo and have a go at a chance to win not only the prize the game has to offer but also the entire tournament. Entering the competition is quite simple, and all you are required to do is first to buy tickets at qualifying rounds.

Participating In Online Bingo Tournaments

Once having entered the Unibet tournament, you can now experience the fun and thrill of it. A round consists of a single bingo game and winning the latter earns you a ticket into the following round. You receive bingo tickets for one or two line wins, but usually, a full house gets you more, and this continues up to the knock-out stages of the game.

Bingo At Unibet

As there are many types of bingo tournaments available, you do not have to do much to join in the fun. Sign-up and get 14 days of access to Unibet’s Beginners’ Room where you can learn all the things you need to know about playing and participating in online bingo tournaments. Here you can also make yourself familiar with the game’s rules and interact with other players in bingo chat.